Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Look closely at Lovefoxxx. She is the face of the future. Clearly, she represents the style and attitude of her generation. One of the defining characteristics of which is unprecedented self-expression, and the expectation of being heard and accepted despite flaunting the traditionally unacceptable signifiers of outsider status. The idea that a slightly chubby, heavily tattooed and frequently half-naked girl of mixed race descent is What We Look Like Now is really kind of radical. A generation ago, who would have accepted that a rock star could take such a form? Remember what happened the last time an unconventional-looking Asian woman got up on stage and demanded attention? That was Yoko Ono, and she spent decades as the official target of all the racist misogyny of the world. The world has changed a lot, and there’s a lot more diversity in who we look up and listen to. I hope that someday Lovefoxxx will be remembered as an important cultural figure, not just because she her background is not the typical background and her look is not the typical look, but because she’s such a likable, witty and smart, original voice. She exemplifies what I think is the best aspect of what I’ve dubbed the Classy Lady generation; for us, being radical and liberating ourselves is fun. It’s fun to be different and outspoken. It’s fun to reclaim small things – like tattoos and bare midriffs – that used to be frowned upon.


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