The Murder Mystery

The Velvet Underground at their most unfathomable. And here is where modern technology fails you. If you are listening on some handheld device – phone, iPod, tablet, Sony Walkman, etc – you will hear an incomprehensible soup of muddled voices and the persistent clunking of a piano. For this you need a real, old school stereo system, set up so that each of the four tracks has its own speaker. Thus the left and right tracks will each be clearly audible and you will be able, with a bit of concentration, to switch your attention back and forth, tuning in and out as you please. You will be able to distinguish how Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, Doug Yule and Moe Tucker are each performing a different piece of poetry, each set to a different tune. Like dueling banjos for beat poetry, yes? Completely avant-garde, dada, experimental and far out. Though it hasn’t held up well to digital technology, the intended effect, when correctly achieved, is really quite nifty.


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