Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga

A Harry Nilsson/John Lennon collaboration. Now, one would expect that, given the talents involved, a Nilsson/Lennon/Ringo Starr/Keith Moon/Bobby Keys/etc (for those were but a few of the names involved in the production of Pussy Cats) supergroup would produce an album of unforgettable, chart-busting brilliance. Unfortunately, that did not happen. The plain truth is, everyone was just too blackout drunk to bring their A-game, and what resulted was essentially a novelty record, a footnote to a not-terribly-flattering chapter in the John Lennon story. Which is not to say there wasn’t any outstanding material. Nilsson was capable of delivering the goods even from the bottom of a shot glass. The achy ballad Don’t Forget Me and a cover of Pomus and Shuman’s Save the Last Dance for Me showcase both his writing and interpretive abilities. But there was too much filler, too many songs that didn’t quite earn the grade (who the hell needed drunken bacchanal of a Subterranean Homesick Blues?) Without a full serving of really top notch material, the album was all too easily overshadowed by its juicy backstory. Who even needs a record when you have all those stories of Nilsson and Lennon getting shithoused and hijinxed all over Los Angeles? Still, it’s a rarity worth seeking out.


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