Mr. Jones

Talking Heads are a bummer. Because they totally could get back together, but most likely never will. Partly out of integrity, partly because they can’t stand each other (or so I have heard.) On the other hand, it’s fortunate for us that they quit while they were ahead. It was always David Byrne’s vision that dominated, which led to resentment and dysfunction within the group. But they didn’t let it leak into the music, and if they’d stuck it out longer, it probably would have, and then their music would have been a sad and bitter thing. But they bowed out with the 80’s, giving us a final album that, while not as classic as some of their more classic ones, was still a proud note to go out on. And if it’s any consolation, Byrne is not vehemently opposed to playing old Talking Heads songs on tour, so if he ever comes your way, he might bust out a hit or two.