Bob Dylan, the cantankerous weird old man of rock and roll, is sometimes most surprising when he’s at his least bizarre. Here he is what a totally non-cryptic tuneful song about romance in a tropical paradise. Based, apparently on no more of a concept than finding words that rhyme with “-ique”. That’s almost Cat in the Hat-ish. Sitting as it does amidst some pretty heavy material, I think this was frankly meant as a palate cleanser. Desire and Blood on the Tracks¬†are basically the same album; they could’ve been released as a double. In my mind, I often confuse which songs are which record. I think the best songs of both should be put together into a third, even better, album. One thing they share is being depressing and heavy on the divorce songs. So it’s refreshing to hear, every once in a while, about “magic in a magical land.”