Mother of a Man

Ok, this song is ridiculous and dumb as fuck (and weirdly right-wing) and I can’t really defend its inclusion except to say that I love Mick Jagger no matter how low he sinks. That said, I honestly still think Wandering Spirit was a good, solid album, and definitely the best out of Jagger’s solo oeuvre. It was also fairly acclaimed and successful at the time, so it’s not just me going out on a limb. Obviously, every great artist inevitably makes a clunker. If their career lasts any decent amount of time, there will be many clunkers. Jagger, with and without his usual cohorts, has had many, but his output has always been interesting enough to avoid the trap of mediocrity. Weird and bad is preferable to half-decent and boring; at least it offers some kind of insight into the artist’s personal delusions. Jagger’s delusion has always been of hipness – thus his 1980’s embrace of all things synthesizer. Here, I think the singer is convinced that he’s still a fiercely provocative master of the blues.