Moses – The Prophet

Bible study time with Peter Tosh. Normally, you’d lose me at Bible study, but this is Tosh, and Biblical themes were a big thing for him. I’m familiar with the story of Moses, and vaguely aware of those other guys mentioned in the song, but how they all tie into Rastafari, I’m not sure. Though I know Ras has deep roots in the Old Testament, the exact theological relationships escape me. Nor is this the time and venue to delve into a study of the Abrahamic faiths. But do keep in mind that Reggae music wasn’t just invented to sell tie-dye objects to gullible American stoners, and no, the Rastafari faith is not waiting for you as a fun-loving alternative to the usual Judeo-Christian mumbo jumbo. They are fun-loving, but they also do study the Bible, and also, trust me, they don’t want you. But doesn’t Matisyahu being a thing make a lot more sense now?


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