Morse Moose and the Grey Goose

This is Paul McCartney at his most weird. For anyone who thinks he slipped quietly and entirely off into Silly Love Song Land after his best collaborators parted ways. In 1978 McCartney was still in full possession of his melodic superpowers, and ready to invest them on topics of complete randomness. Such as a song about a ghost ship. When you stop and consider it, though, you’ll be amazed how much of Paul McCartney’s output would be mere novelty songs in anyone else’s hands. A lesser musician couldn’t write a song about a ghost ship and not sound ready for an episode of Doctor Demento. But this is Paul McCartney, who has composed some of the catchiest tunes of all time and doesn’t mind if some of them are about puppies, or ghost ships, or stinky feet. Seriously, McCartney has composed so many classic, world dominating songs, that for him it’s no loss to throw away a potentially chart busting tune just as a joke.


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