Morning Come

Like most of Marianne Faithfull’s work, this strikes a graceful balance between morose and uplifting. It’s an unlikely balance, but it sums up Faithfull pretty well. Her entire life, actually, is a lesson in unlikely balances. Misery breeds strength and self-destruction breeds creativity. She hit rock bottom as hard as she could, and has spent the years since finding beauty it hard lessons. A Child’s Adventure is postcard from an artist in the throes of rebirth. Not in any corny Hallmark sense either; Faithfull was coming out of a decade of drug addiction and poverty, struggling to revive a career wrecked to nothing. She lived a life that was extreme even by rock star standards, and the work that emerged from those experiences was unprecedented. While A Child’s Adventure hasn’t earned the universal critical praise of Broken English, it is a worthy companion piece. Less fiercely angry, it is moody, introspective, and surreal. It’s depressing and goes to some pretty dark places, yet the melancholia is comforting. Even life between the cracks has hope and beauty.


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