More Than You Know

When it comes to the standards, it’s hard to know where to start. A standard, by definition, cannot belong to any one singer. If there’s no definitive version of a song that’s been sung by hundreds, how do you even narrow down the field? I find that in these cases, Ella Fitzgerald is the best place to start. Not least because she made a point of recording all the major songs from all the major composers. She sang ALL THE SONGS. Maybe not literally, but not for lack of trying; her ambitiousĀ Songbooks project did a pretty thorough job covering most of the popular music of her time. She didn’t just sing them either – she sang them as well as anyone’s ever sung them. From Ella you can go on and find whatever version suits you, in whatever style you prefer, from performers ranging in stature from Holiday and Sinatra to Toni Tennille. But yeah, good rule of thumb, always start with Ella.


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