More News From Nowhere

The weirdest thing about this video (out of not many; it’s a surprisingly generic effort) is Nick Cave’s tacky t-shirt. Where are the natty suits, oh brave Odysseus? As for the song, well, if you’re halfway literate, you’ll soon figure out I didn’t make the Odysseus reference for nothing. If you’re a student, here’s you musical Cliffs Notes for the Odyssey. So maybe it’s a bit condensed and in updated vernacular, but the tale is easy enough to recognize, Cyclops, Calypso and all. Less universally familiar, the title refers to William Morris’ utopian socialist sci-fi novel News From Nowhere. That’s not a work I’m familiar with so the relevance is lost on me, though I’m told it’s a classic of its genre (a crowded field, I’m sure.)


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