Moonlight In Glory

Egghead record producer meets nerdy neurotic rock star; surreal adventures through space and time ensue. That’s my pitch for the animated sitcom mockumentary of Brian Eno’s friendship with David Byrne. I imagine a lot of time was spent drinking tea and thrift store shopping. And of course, lest we forget, musical history was made. I have come back again and again to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – both here and IRL – and I think the case has been thoroughly made for its significance as an historical document. Besides elevating electronic music in prestige, making the use of samples a legit creative process and other broad strides forward, what they really did – the thing that makes the album so special – was to find strange beauty in the forgotten and the never-ran. I’m fairly sure that The Moving Star Hall Singers of Sea Island, Georgia were not about to change the world and were remembered by no one but themselves when Eno and Byrne recontextualized them for their own purposes. Call it musical upcycling. It’s the creation of an entirely new reality using found bits and pieces of other narratives, other realities, other moods, other contexts.


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