Moonlight Drive

There’s nothing more romantic than a suicide pact, huh? What seems like a harmless teenage fantasy turns into a watery grave. Funny how this is neither the first or last time Jim Morrison mentions death by drowning. It’s like he was fascinated by the idea in an uncanny way. It makes sense from a poetic standpoint. Submersion can serve as a metaphor for cleansing and purification, as well as a passage to other dimensions. You enter the water a sinner and come out blessed. Or you don’t come out at all. In Morrison’s case, he entered a drugged-up trainwreck with dubious future prospects and came out an eternal icon. It cost him a few things, like his life, but you can’t say he didn’t follow through on his own poetic vision. If you present yourself as a mad quasi-Christ-figure with shamanistic intentions, you can’t back down. You have to live it until it kills you.


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