Month: June 2015


Tori Amos is an important artist, but not necessarily an enjoyable one. Uncomfortable intimacy is her forte. How hard her music makes you squirm depends on how intensely you relate to it. Deliberate anathema to dudebros who resent being reminded that women have dimensions beyond … Continue reading Mother


Yes, it’s one of the most hideous album covers of all time (and not without appropriately disturbing videos, of course) but don’t let that throw you off. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have always been dangerously stylish, and pushing the envelope into questionable taste is inevitable. … Continue reading Mosquito

Morning Come

Like most of Marianne Faithfull’s work, this strikes a graceful balance between morose and uplifting. It’s an unlikely balance, but it sums up Faithfull pretty well. Her entire life, actually, is a lesson in unlikely balances. Misery breeds strength and self-destruction breeds creativity. She hit … Continue reading Morning Come