Moon Is Up

This takes me back so hard. To being eleven or twelve or however old I was when I first heard Voodoo Lounge. That’s quite an impressionable age, and it affected me deeply. I cannot possibly think of any better role models for a little girl than a group of degenerate aging men, and I mean that seriously. They taught me that sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are the only things in life worth aspiring to. Fuck everything else. No, seriously. You can’t live your life worrying about petty morals. You should live your life for the fucks and the thrills. I consider myself lucky, in that I managed to emerge from childhood without ever having learned the lesson that young women should be actively striving to clip their own wings. For that I should thank my degenerate dissident parents, who never sat me down to explain that aspiring to live like Mick Jagger is not generally the most accepted path for lady-people. The single most important lesson I learned growing up a Rolling Stones fan is that following the most accepted path is for fucktards. I turned out pretty OK, I think.


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