Where has Robyn been hiding since she dropped the Body Talk collection 2010? If, like me, you’ve missed her, here’s something to hold you over for a few more years. An EP with Royksopp isn’t what I was expecting (though I probably should have been) but it’s enough of a treat. Robyn has collaborated with the duo before, so it’s no surprise they work together like an old team. Between the three of them, Do It Again may just be the most cerebral contribution to electronic music since Eno made elevator music upscale. It comes in typical Scandinavian high style, from the steely simplicity of its beats to its mesmerizing accompanying videos. Robyn, as usual, looks and sounds like a creepy alien and a lovable pixie in equal measure. Sure, I’d like her to laser focus on making dance pop for the cognoscenti again, but these dreamscapes are cool too.


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