Too famous not to know, too famous to pay attention to. File it under ‘classic songs you no longer appreciate thanks to overexposure’. But hold back the urge to dismiss something catchy and popular as just that. In this case, take a minute to absorb just how dripping dark and cynical this is (in typical Pink Floyd fashion, of course.) Now obviously, this diatribe against the evils of the capitalist system was written by people with more than a handful of coins to rub together, so there’s an element of hypocrisy at play. I doubt the irony was lost on Floyd when they recorded it, and was even less lost when it became one of their biggest hits. Neither is pointing at money as the root of all evil exactly a novel concept. It’s a bit of a cheap shot for a group who’ve had deeper insights. I would guess that Waters and Gilmour (et al.) were having a bit of angst regarding their own burgeoning success. It’s been noted that people who go from not having a buttload of money to having it don’t become lovelier people, and many who’ve made that journey find that the happiness they’ve bought themselves is less healthy and satisfying that they’d been led to expect, which may lead to stress, paranoia, self-doubt and guilt feelings. And writing angsty songs about how much the system you’re personally benefiting from is inherently rotten.


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