Moi et Toi

That’s ‘Me and You’ for those of y’all not fully conversant in French. My French begins and ends with “Un vin rouge, s’il vouz plait” (and that sentence in four or five languages is really all you’ll ever need to survive as a world traveler) but since when do you have to understand music in order to appreciate it? I appreciate lyrical content as much as the next poetry lover, but I don’t think the absence of such content, or my inability to comprehend it, takes away from the overall experience of otherwise great music. If it’s a great song, I don’t care if I don’t understand it. I can dance to it and it makes me happy. End.

As for the artist, here is his Wikipedia info it its entirety: “Abdel Ali Slimani (Arabic عبد العلي سليماني, Algiers) is an Algerian raï singer. Jazz Times described his 1996 album Mraya “an impressive debut” being noted by others for his song Moi et Toi. Slimani’s rai steers clear of suggestive content and bad language and is as Slimani says “family music” heard on the radio in Algeria even in the 1990s.” I think there’s more to the artist than that, but as usual, Wikipedia is inadequate in regards to anything outside the Western cultural hemisphere. It doesn’t even mention Slimani’s collaborations with Sinead O’Connor, or the fact that he was the first Arab musician to appear on Top of the Pops. 


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