Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?

“I think it’s his lung!”

So I thought yesterday just wasn’t enough Ween. One song isn’t enough to fully experience all the joyful absurdity. In terms of combining humor, musicianship and unapologetic weirdness, they have very few peers. To take the most random concept and just run with it, and built it into a musically great song – that is a rare and undervalued gift. Frank Zappa, with his Gregory Peccary and yellow snow, comes to mind as a similarly gonzo talent. Sparks, of course, are Ween’s nearest living kindred spirits. In general, though, there a woefully few musical acts with a real spirit of Dada about them. For most people, musical comedy and/or comedic music begins and ends with Weird Al Yankovic. Weird Al has his place, but pointing and laughing at things that already exist isn’t the same as creating fresh things to laugh at. So it falls to two weird looking dudes from New Hope, PA, who don’t even play together anymore. Also, I think that the pony is just a ruse, and the man is going to find an unpleasant surprise when he goes behind the trees.


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