Mister Mister

Marc Bolan is at his most profound when he’s at his most nonsensical. How he pulled it off, I don’t know, but it’s a unique talent. He made sense to himself, presumably. That’s what made him a great rock star, though – having a personality so strong that it didn’t matter whether anything he said or did made sense or not. That’s why people become rock stars, and why we still look at them with fascination long after they’ve left the mortal coil. So what if Tanx is a play on words that is not very clever? So what if posing with a toy tank to drive the joke home is also not very clever? It’s a fine line between clever and stupid, and Marc Bolan teetered along it many times. Yet, despite frequently being silly, he never became a joke. He made sense by sheer force of personality, and his music makes sense emotionally. He was genuinely glamorous.


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