Miss You

When the Rolling Stones went disco. The Stones have often done their best work outside their comfort zone, and the dynamic between Keith the purist (or formula follower) and Mick the experimenter (or trend chaser) makes for some interesting drama. In this case, even Keith Richards had to admit that it was “a damn good disco record.” You can thank the ever fashionable Mick Jagger for that. He got the inspiration from going to a lot of discotheques, and wrote the tune with Billy Preston, who also liked discotheques. Keith, of course, wouldn’t be caught dead in a discotheque. True story, though; Keith met his wife at Studio 54. He had gone in because he was trying to get away from some annoying people and knew that it was the last place anyone would ever expect to find him. So Patti Hansen found him instead. Cute.


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