Miss the Start, Miss the End

Every single thing I thought I was going to say about the indiscreet charms of Sparks has flushed straight down the memory drain, because of a thunderstrike of good news from Chez Mael. Have you heard? Sparks are about to unleash a new album in collaboration with Franz Ferdinand! A whole full album together! Pinch me I’m dreaming. This is not a mash-up I would have imagined in my wildest dream-team fantasies, but goddamn, I don’t think anything has got me feeling more excited about life right now. What a time to be alive! If you’re a longtime Sparks fan like me, I’m sure you’re also having palpitations of the heart. Though Sparks have been consistently productive over the years, I’ve long felt that something’s been missing since they stopped pretending to be a full band. They’re great as a duo and all that, but there’s just something so much better about having a full backing band, especially one capable of real creative collaboration. Now they’ve got one, and they got one of the very best. It does seem like a very random match; Sparks are America’s premier cult pop parody duo who sell zero records; Franz Ferdinand are a popular rock band who sell bazillionsĀ of records. What would they see in each other? Turns out they’re a real mutual appreciation society. And surprisingly enough, they meld together as if they’d always been a unit.

The album is called FFS, and it drops June 9th (just in time for my birthday!!) Here’s a song.


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