Miss America

Styx are not a band given to subtlety or nuanced observations. They are also not much given to social consciousness, wit, or tasteful haircuts. In fact, they have often flown perilously close to Spinal Tap territory, beginning with James Young’s striking physical resemblance to David St. Hubbins. It’s hard to tell how seriously they take themselves, but I think the answer is ‘more than they should’. And yet, and yet… And yet I unabashedly love them. As far as ‘absolutely ridiculous bands who have no idea how silly they are’ go, Styx are by far the best. (And that is a real genre, by the way.) They made so many songs that are legitimately great when by all rights they should have been terrible. The Grand Illusion is an album I went through a brief phase of listening to a lot, and while Kilroy Was Here remains their golden masterpiece, I still think it’s pretty classic. In its own particular idiom, of course.


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