Miracle Worker

Well, it looks like SuperHeavy was a one-off. As supergroups too often are. But what a one-off it was! It was easily the best thing Dave Stewart has done since the 80’s. It’s the best thing Joss Stone and Damian Marley have yet achieved, though they are both still very young. I don’t have any way of knowing if it’s the best thing A.R. Rahman has ever done, but it’s his biggest claim to fame outside of India. Not to mention Mick Jagger hasn’t sounded so happy and engaged in years. Still, all of them do have day jobs to take care of, though I suspect everyone would probably drop what they were doing if only Mick Jagger could get any time off from doing that other thing that he does. Speaking of which, Superheavy happened at a time when Jagger’s relationship with his Glimmer Twin was particularly strained, and though both sides handled it with surprising grace, apparently Jagger couldn’t resist at least one sly barely-veiled dig; thus, the Miracle Worker video is a blatant echo of the Rolling Stones’ famous Waiting on a Friend. Just as the Stones did in 1981, Jagger and his crew meander and bullshit their way across town just to hobnob and hang out on a stoop. It seems like a pretty chill homage, but in context the message from Jagger is clear; “I’ve got other friends besides you, asshole.” Keith Richards made his apologies shortly after and the Stones kept rolling. So in that context, SuperHeavy is the musical equivalent of those short-lived rebound flings people have to make their ex jealous. Only, you know, healthier and more fun.

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