Miracle Goodnight

Let me direct your attention to an oft-overlooked David Bowie. Post- Tin Machine Bowie is one of the last Bowie eras that has yet to be cannibalized by pop culture. Tin Machine will probably never get the treatment, because it really was not that awesome and kind of tainted the legacy for a minute or two. But Bowie came back from it as a suave, healthy, glowing newlywed. Black Tie White Noise  was almost kind of like a rebound album, in the sense that it wasn’t exactly an everlasting classic, but it did show that David Bowie was ready to be taken seriously again, after some not so great years in the 80’s. In this video, Bowie – then 46 – can be seen sporting a pimp suit while surrounded by naked ladies (a tough one to pull off without being gross,) paying tapdancing homage to Buster Keaton, showing off his toned thighs, practicing his mime skills a bit, and generally looking very sculpted and not a day past Thin White Duke.


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