What on Earth has Kimbra been up to in the years since she did that one song with that one guy? Waiting three years between your first album and your second is risky – the pop star saturated world might forget all about you. I didn’t know Kimbra released an album last year until I did my year-end internet deep-trawl for things I might have missed. Nobody wrote about it. But now you know; Kimbra released The Golden Echo in August of last year. My initial impression is that it’s less satisfyingly eccentric than her debut. On that record, Kimbra used her voice to interesting, almost instrumental, effect, citing Bjork as an influence. This new single is pretty straightforward pop, and though you can’t blame the artist for offering something designed to sell, it’s not an exciting direction. On the other hand, she looks fantastic; that outfit is seriously one of the best fashion statements I’ve seen in a long time.


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