Minstrel in the Gallery

My big realization while watching that video; how much Ian Anderson reminds me of Graham Chapman. He really does appear to be the manifestation of how you’d imagine Monty Python would portray a wild and crazy rock star (though, of course, they inexplicably never went there.) So, for those of you who think Jethro Tull is silly; yes, that they are. They’re very silly, but it’s not an unintentional silliness. Ian Anderson understood very well that you can’t just flaunt your high levels of virtuosity; and churn out epic songs that contain more ideas than most bands come up with in a lifetime; and proselytize about class and society and the evils of organized religion; and write odes to all of you favorite animals; and still be stuffy and egoistical enough to expect to be taken seriously. The expectation of accolades is the kiss of death. I do take Jethro Tull very seriously, for achieving all of the above, obviously, and because I love the theatrical, which Anderson has a deep understanding of. I’ve always thought that any musician who doesn’t cotton on to the theatrical potential of what they’re doing, and fails to explore and expand in that direction, at the risk of looking like a prancing lunatic, well, honestly, those people deserve less respect, not more.


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