You know, sometimes is seems like David Byrne just doesn’t appreciate Midwestern values! Talking Heads are a bunch of snooty art school people from New York City who think they can just openly mock the flyover states. In fact, mocking people in the flyover states is one of Byrne’s favorite themes, second only to his own social awkwardness. He’s shown that he has more sympathy for deposed despots than he does for Midwestern suburbanites. And here he is making an irony of the noble American tradition of door-to-door proselytizing. Which basically has nothing to do with the song, but they stuck it in there. Because what squares. Some people might find such elitist tendencies unlikable, but frankly, I’m on David Byrne’s side on this. Fuck Midwestern suburbanites and living up to their petite bourgeois expectations of mental health! David Byrne and his nerdy dancing really speak to the indignation of people who, despite having all the inborn privilege of being smart and attractive and not crippled by an undesirable ethnicity, still find themselves feeling excluded from the bosom of society because they somehow still don’t know how to function like normal folks.


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