Midnight Rocks

This was kind of a hit single for Al Stewart, and there isn’t a single literary reference or historical allusion in it. It’s almost a little disappointing – it’s such a nice tune and there’s a sweet saxophone solo, but it’s just not educational at all. I like Al Stewart when he’s singing about famous Nazis or the Cold War or Kurt Vonnegut. Without that unapologetic intellectualism, he’s just another Adult Contemporary soft rocker. (How I hate those terms!) Honestly, even if Stewart were content to produce soft rock ballads with no substance, he’d still be one of the best. His nerdiness sets him apart, of course, but his tunes are clearly outstanding, even if, for example, you don’t speak English. This is very of its time, though, very late seventies soft rock. The video throws it into sharp focus. Look the hairs!!! People who liked this probably also liked Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac. Which is fine; I like all of those things. Not everything has to have edge or be a danger to society. There is plenty of music designed to appeal to the part of me that gets wrecked and fucks shit up; Al Stewart appeals to the part of me that wants to learn more about the history of the Third Reich.


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