Mexican Radio

No playlist is complete without some novelty 80’s music. And if it’s ever so slightly racist, it’ll only enhance that tingly feeling of embarrassment mixed with nostalgia. Racism in pop songs is a pretty subjective topic, given that Brown Sugar is still all over the radio with every throbbing inch of its credibility intact, so whether or not you want to feel squeamish about a low budget music video that portrays Mexican culture as consisting of bullfights, street markets and enormous mustaches is up to you and your personal inner Offense-O-Meter. It’s not even a bad song, either, next to some of the inexplicable horrors in the category of 80’s One Hit Wonders. Of course, that’s a broad category, which includes truly deserving groups who just got screwed by luck (Timbuk 3) alongside the villain responsible for She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby). Wall of Voodoo falls somewhere in between; not one of those bands who seemed to strive to be as terrible as they could just for the sake of it, but not really deserving of a renaissance either.


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