Messed Up Kids

At first I couldn’t decide whether to be annoyed or delighted with this song. On one hand, what a great tune. On the other, such a trite little slice of social commentary. Jake Bugg is great at combining a sound reminiscent of some long forgotten early sixties skiffle group with seriously radio-ready melodies. And he’s shown himself capable of smart writing. It’s just in this case he doesn’t seem capable of making a better observation than, yes, some kids are ‘messed up’ and hang around on street corners selling drugs. On yet another hand though, this kid just turned 21. To him, pointing out the obvious correlation between empty pockets and teenage prostitution probably seems like a pretty groundbreaking thing to say. What 21 year old hasn’t gawked at the ugly machinations of the world as if nobody else had ever noticed it before? Jake Bugg is practically still a child, and he’s got plenty of time to grow into a more nuanced songwriter. Final verdict; pretty great song.


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