The Mercy Seat

I guess you can view Nick Cave in one of two ways; as a high god of  heroin cool, as I do; or, you could see the morbid posturing as a bit absurd. It takes supernatural levels of sangfroid to pull off writing songs about going to the executioner without looking like a parody of a strip mall goth. Unlike a lot of strip mall goths **cough cough Robert Smith cough** Nick Cave does not move much merchandise at Hot Topic. Because the genuinely dangerous and subversive are hard to market to the white picket fence demographic. Which all points back to my original point; Nick Cave is some sort of high god of cool, although probably an ill-advised cultural obsession for the young and impressionable. I spend a year or two watching this particular video way too many more times than was healthy, and yes, in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. And being less of an impressionable young thing, I can see that it’s borderline absurd and ought not be taken seriously. And yet, goddamn it, glamour. Nick Cave is glamorous as fuck, with his murder ballads and his blood play and his hungry mongrel physique. Would you want to cross paths with him in the alleyway behind a cheap motel? No, you might die.


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