Men Will Do Anything

Finally, a clip from a production of Here Lies Love, the stage musical of the album of the story of the life of Imelda Marcos. According to David Byrne; “I love pop dance music, and I thought that maybe it could have some meaning beyond the fact that Imelda liked going to clubs. It could be evocative of the hedonism or the euphoria that somebody in Imelda’s position was feeling. And I thought it could mirror how the intoxication of politics and power carried over into that bubble world.” That’s as good an explanation as any. David Byrne is kooky and it makes perfect sense that he’d compose a concept album about a denounced political figure with a culty popularity, then turn it into a theatrical production. I’m still holding my breath for the film adaptation that remains resolutely not on the horizon. But the play just finished its New York run, there’s a London production gearing up, and you can purchase both the original cast soundtrack and a remix album, so clearly Byrne is not putting the project to rest any time soon.


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