Memories Can’t Wait

So I think this song is about being insane. That’s what it’s called when the voices in your head become more important than the ones outside of it, isn’t it? Or, a little bit less far up the spectrum, just being very socially inadept. But I think it’s also something we can relate to even if we’re decently well socialized; sometimes reality just doesn’t live up to the intensity of past experience (even if that intensity may well be imagined.) David Byrne, of course, has long spoken for the not-quite-abnormal but not-entirely-fully-functional either. He claims he’s not entirely up to snuff on socialization skills himself, not that it’s held him back or anything. He comes off as being very intelligent and relatable, even charming, to those of us who are charmed by the slightly odd. Or those who relate intensely to the brilliantly eccentric.


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