Memo From Turner

No context necessary, as I assume you’ve all seen Performance. It’s only the single greatest movie ever made, so of course you would at least have heard of it. If you haven’t, it’s the briefly banned 1968 freakout in which Mick Jagger plays a version of himself that fucks so hard with the fabric of reality that everyone who worked on the movie either died, became a drug addict or went insane, or some combination of the three. Except Mick Jagger, who, the story goes, felt so comfortable with the role of Turner he went on playing it for the rest of his life. True story. Director later Donald Cammell committed suicide, allegedly asking his wife for a mirror so he could watch himself bleed out from a gunshot wound. Anita Pallenberg abandoned her film career to spend the next decade addicted to heroin; years later, in an eerie parallel to the end of the film, she would awake after a bender to witness her lover’s death by gunshot. Michele Breton became a heroin addict and OD’ed shortly after the film was completed. James Fox had a nervous breakdown, joined a religious cult and didn’t return to acting until the 80’s. True stories, all.

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