Another day, another new discovery with a song about medicine. Alex Winston is the latest artist to come out of the Detroit music scene. That city, despite or because of being an urban wasteland, has been disproportionately fertile ground for rising musicians, from Iggy Pop to Alice Cooper to The White Stripes. Winston, now based in New York City, originally trained as an opera singer. She released her debut album King Con in 2012, following a string of EPs. Although she has yet to gain very much publicity, she has the potential to break big – very big. She has an idiosyncratic voice, maybe a little too weird for an opera career, but perfect for pop. She’s also very cute and has a knack for writing catchy tunes. What sets her apart, and will probably prevent her from ever ascending to real commercial success, is her cleverness. Her songs may sound like pop songs, but they take unexpected turns, with depth and wit. She doesn’t just write the same old prattle about young love. Sometimes she writes about sister-wife rivalry. Sometimes she writes about Elvis. I can easily imagine ambitious managers trying to shoehorn her into selling brain-dead phony empowerment anthems to a perceived market of young adults with low standards (a niche in the market currently occupied by the irredeemably stupid Meghan Trainor, formerly home to Carly Rae Jepsen and a cheer squad’s worth of forgettable others) but I suspect they won’t succeed. I suspect she won’t dumb down anytime soon, and I’d like to see her evolve ever deeper into her quirk.


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