Broods are one of last year’s big new discoveries. They are a sibling duo from New Zealand, and as a quick Google search helpfully informs me, Taylor Swift “discovered their music from an iTunes recommendation after she purchased Lorde’s album.” You and a lot of other people too, Tay. I personally discovered their music through listening to indie radio. But apparently ‘dreamy-voiced girls from New Zealand’ has officially become a genre in the 18 or so months since Lorde broke big. All that being said, Broods’ music doesn’t remind me of Lorde, and although it’s an unfair comparison, more power to ’em if the association help boost their career. Their music is in the same catchy/atmospheric ballpark as yesterday’s offering from Broken Bells (you may have noticed they share song titles.) Georgia and Caleb Nott are still very new at this game, and while they’ve tossed out some very catchy singles and their debut album was consistently solid, they’ll have to mature quickly to distinguish themselves from Chvrches, Pure Bathing Culture, Grouplove, London Grammar, Banks and a host of other promising young artists working in similar vein. Now taking bets on who among this lot will still be important in five to ten years. (Lorde, definitely Lorde.)


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