Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

The million dollar question is, what were you and Julio doing down by the schoolyard, anyway? Unfortunately, even Paul Simon doesn’t know;  “I have no idea what it is… Something sexual is what I imagine, but when I say ‘something’, I never bothered to figure out what it was. Didn’t make any difference to me.” There you have it. Imagine what transgressions you like most. It’s that open-ended mystery that makes it the most risque Paul Simon song. I don’t think Paul Simon has ever written a genuinely risque song, so you really have to plug the innuendo in yourself. And in contrast to any possible filth you might be picturing in your head right now, Simon presented an adorably wholesome little video of himself playing sports with inner-city youth at his very own alma mater in Queens. Stop being so lovable all the time, Paul Simon! (If the video looks like it might have been filmed in 1988 while the song was released in ’72, well, that’s because Paul Simon is a time lord, obviously.)


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