Maya Love

Upon hearing the title Maya Love, you, the intrepid music critic, may automatically assume you’re in for a racist sex fantasy about a lady of Central American heritage. However, this is George Harrison, and nothing could be further from his real intentions. What Harrison is really talking about is the Hindu concept of Māya, a Sanskrit term broadly translated as ‘illusion’ or ‘delusion’. In Hinduism, Māya is part of a larger worldview which states that all of material reality is in fact illusory. Harrison is stating that love, like every other aspect of earthly life, is nothing but a temporary state of illusion. Some people assume that Harrison, freshly divorced at the time, was more specifically referring to his own experiences with the transience of human affection. Harrison himself said “Maya love is something when it’s ‘I love you if ’​, ‘I love you when ’​, ‘I love you but ’​. It’s a type of love that comes and goes which we do tend to give to one another …” So it’s probably a combination of both general philosophical musing and personal angst.


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