Mary of Silence

Mazzy Star was like a gem of the 90’s. A diamond in the rough, to borrow a phrase from a Disney movie. Now that all of us who grew up in that decade are old enough to experience nostalgia for it, maybe we can hope for a resurgence of Mazzy Star. It’s unlikely there’s ever going to be an extravagant comeback; the group dissolved because singer Hope Sandoval wasn’t cut out for the whole rock star thing. She is shy and dislikes performing. If she felt uncomfortable with the pressure and scrutiny of fame in the 90’s, I’m sure she wants to avoid today’s infinitely crazier fame environment at all costs. So don’t expect any future victory rounds of talk shows and festivals. However, there’s no reason we can’t hold Sandoval up as a nostalgic style icon. She could have been a fashion darling, but of course that’s not her thing. Still, she exemplified the style of the times, as it pertains to certain kinds of  waify grunge and post-grunge ladies. She’s so not fashion she’s fashion.


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