(Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame

We haven’t heard any Elvis Presley in a while. What’s he been up to? Oh, yeah, still dead. But if he wasn’t, he would’ve been 80 years old last Thursday. Anyway, this is one of his hits from 1961. It was originally written for Del Shannon, but Del Shannon barely got a chance to get out of the gate; Presley’s version came out a mere two months later after his, and stole all the thunder, as usual. Which is fine, because Elvis runs circles around Del Shannon. Little did either one know that The King’s world domination was about to end, and that their pompadoured kind would soon be seen as campy relics. Elvis Presley was caught short by the changing tides of the British Invasion, and his failure to adjust himself to the times made him a laughingstock in some circles. But in ’61 he was still the pop world’s dream of an icon.


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