Map of Tasmania

If there’s one thing the world is badly in need of in these troubled times, it’s a liberating tribute to the beauty of pubic hair. Thank god Amanda Palmer is on hand to fill that need! She’s here to rap, sing, dance, and model all the latest merkin fashions. But seriously, I want the Van Gogh one! As a musician, performance artist, free digital tits advocate and author, Amanda Palmer couldn’t possibly be a better heroine. Her cheeky brand of body-positive, sex-positive, self-empowering feminism is enormously inspiring. Because the conversation about how to be a woman today – how to be liberated, how to help others towards their own liberation, etc – isn’t just happening in academia; it’s happening through art and music and on social media and down on the ground in mosh pits every day. Palmer’s latest contribution to the cultural conversation, her new book The Art of Asking, is sitting on my dining table right now, shiny and begging to be read. I have not begun reading it yet, as I am still wallowing in Morrissey’s rather difficult Autobiography. I will get back to you on both works as soon as I can.


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