Day: December 22, 2014


Oh Bryan Ferry, why must you be so problematic for me? Can you not with the racist videos already? Because this video is really racist. Way to fetishize Middle Eastern culture for your own kinky ends, Bry. I get why dressing up as a Sheikh in an opium den with a tu-tone harem of fashion models has its appeal, but the British have been perpetuating this Sheikhs’n’Harems  wank-bank fantasy for centuries now, and I don’t think the Muslim world appreciates being looked upon like that. Not to mention British colonialist attitudes are nothing to glamorize, even in the most roundabout and seemingly harmless way. Ferry has always seemed a little too enchanted by the mores of British upper-class entitlement, from his taste for Bentleys to his support of fox hunting. Which we can write off as the quite understandable reaction of a coal miner’s son who finally made it through the padlocked gate and into the manor. We’re by now quite accustomed to Ferry’s habitual use of women as exotic window-dressing; it’s been his semi-ironic thing since day one. But showing yourself on horseback, chasing down a runaway slave (earlier shown dragged into your harem chained up and screaming) while filthy peasants look on; that just hits so many different levels of tastelessness. A very disappointing lapse in judgement, please stick to wearing tuxedos.