Guys, I just discovered Interpol. That’s an embarrassing thing to say, given that they’ve been famous for well over a decade. And I’d even heard of them, but I assumed that they were some post-grunge monstrosity from the 90’s with shitty facial hair and worse tattoos. Turns out I had them confused with Incubus. Turns out they’re actually really awesome. Not coincidentally, they’ve just released an acclaimed new album after several years’ hiatus, so it was a timely ‘what’s that on the radio?’ moment. Interpol are known as a New York City crew, but as his accent reveals him,  singer Paul Banks is an Englishman. Banks’ accent and somewhat affected way of singing, along with the group’s penchant for combining jangly guitars and  bouncy melodies with depressing lyrics, has drawn comparisons to certain 80’s-era Mancunians of similar bent. Which is, of course, catnip to anyone who wishes that Joy Division and The Smiths had made more albums.


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