Someday I’m going to make a playlist called Psychedelic Teatime, and Geoffrey Oryema will be featured prominently. It will be music for those days when the light fall just so, and everything is beautiful; and you’re drinking tea, or maybe cocktails, or whatever floats your boat beverage-wise, and you may or may not be tanked-out on the indulgences of you choice, and whatever else you’re doing at that moment, you just can’t help but feel good. The music for those moments must be very specific. It must enhance, not distract, therefore it help if the music is not in English, so as not to bother you with meanings. Of course, your personal definition of what constitutes a Psychedelic Teatime may differ, perhaps significantly. But you can’t argue Oryema’s  music is exactly the sort of hypnotic, melodic and surreal that sets a very specific mood.


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