Day: December 11, 2014

Main Man

I feel like I’ve been half-assing it on this blog for too long. I’m not on vacation anymore and there’s no excuse. Time to come up with something extraordinarily perceptive and wise. Here we go; Marc Bolan rocks! Yeeahh!! Right on! T.Rextasy for the win, woo hoo!!! Pardon me, but I’m very hungover. Inarticulate joy is also my general first reaction to Marc Bolan anyway. Although this is not one of his most joyful songs and in this case the reaction is more like an inarticulate bittersweet feeling. Who was Bolan’s main man that he would write such a tender song for? His manager, some say. Tony Visconti, say others. Telegram Sam, whoever he was. Maybe no one. It remains a mystery. Bolan was never one to write things that mean things, if you get my meaning. More meaningful gibberish has never been composed.