I love the music of Bollywood and wish I knew more about it. Despite its popularity and prolific output, the culture of Bollywood rarely filters into the American mainstream. It’s also rare for any of its stars to find careers in the West. So it’s always a pleasant surprise when something Bollywood pops up in an unlikely place. The film composer and producer A.R. Rahman is one of the busiest and most respected men in the industry, so it’s not as surprising as it would seem that he would make a record with Mick Jagger. While SuperHeavy is often described as a Jagger side-project, it’s not a vanity show but a real collaborative effort between an eclectic set of partners. “A convergence of different musical styles” was the goal, according to Jagger. Rahman was brought in by fellow-producer Dave Stewart. His influence is strongly felt throughout and he contributes two songs, one featuring Jagger’s vocals (sung in Sanskrit) and this one, which is the most purely Indian in style. The esoteric mix of styles turned out a success, without a bad egg in the bunch. Impressively, given the unequal distribution of star power (so to speak), the group truly lets each member shine and plays to everyone’s individual strengths. The most unexpected songs, such as this, turn out to be the most delightful.

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