Day: December 7, 2014

Magical Mystery Tour

The unfortunately truth is, Magical Mystery Tour the movie was really kind of awful. It had a few outstandingly weird moments, but compared to how great the previous Beatles movies had been, it was a huge letdown. That should hardly be surprising; drug-fueled rock stars with too much cash to spend don’t make the best filmmakers. Still, it makes for interesting watching just as a monument of its time. While you can knock the movie, you can’t knock the music. The Beatles never fully struck out with anything, a few misguided moments aside, and they delivered an album up to their usual standards. I suspect that if the movie fiasco hand’t soured the taste, the album itself would be remembered a lot more fondly than it is. Because it truly contains some great songs, enough to have placed it in high esteem, if they had chosen to present those songs in a slightly more traditional fashion. And of course, I do wish they’d made a better movie.