Day: December 6, 2014

Magic Man

When – not if! – I make the playlist of totally empowering songs about sex, this will be the leadoff. I’ve mentioned before how, until very recently, even in the liberal and progressive world of rock music, there has been a dearth of genuine female self-expression. There have always been female singers, of course, but most of them sang songs written for them by men, inadvertently expressing the same old sexist sentiments of their male peers. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart were among the first to successfully fill the void. They showed that there was a market for self-actualized female artists who wrote honestly from their own perspective. Of course, all sociology aside, the real reason they succeeded was because they wrote fun, awesome songs. You don’t really need to put on your critical-thinking hat to enjoy Heart. Context is good, but in this case, not entirely necessary.