Day: December 4, 2014

Magic Bus

Like many of The Who’s songs, this one provokes deep thought. It’s a pretty simple song, at first glance straightforward. But every time I hear it, I wonder. As you may have noticed, the narrator offers to purchase the ‘magic bus’ that takes him to his baby’s house. Now, if he can afford to buy a bus, why doesn’t he have a car? If he has that much dough, he shouldn’t be riding around on public transportation in the first place. And why is he so emotionally attached to the method of transportation anyway? Is he projecting his feelings onto¬†inanimate objects because he has difficulty expressing them in the normal way? Or maybe there’s a deeper meaning to it. Maybe ‘bus’ is some kind of code word for, like, drugs or something? Like he wants to buy the drugs that take him to his happy place, right.¬†Or, wait, wait, wait, maybe it’s all a big metaphor! Maybe the girlfriend’s house is like heaven or the afterlife or something, and the bus is like the journey through life that takes us there and the purchase is an attempt at controlling the direction of the path of life. Wow, man, that’s so deep!